Our History

Tthe family tradition of wines and grapes arrives in Chile with the Ceresuela brothers; Pedro, Antonio, Francisco and Jesús; Spaniards from the Aragon region, who with a great entrepreneur spirit, settle in the central zone, whose characteristics are mountains on their coast, snowy mountain ranges in the high awakening of the sun, fecund valleys of excellent lands, watered by countless rivers that drag pure waters of its snows, ideal for our vineyards. This area also has hardworking people, who achieve with these conditions, unique in the world, the production of high quality wines.

With the passage of time, Joaquín Ceresuela Muñoz, son of Antonio, accompanied by his family, his wife Barbara, his children Joaquín and Matías, in addition to the best professionals, who as a fundamental requirement carry in their soul the passion for wine. That, continuing with this tradition and passion, position Ceresuela vineyard in different continents of the world, this is how they arrive in Europe, Asia and America.

Viña Ceresuela greets lovers and passionate about this way of life, inviting them to continue discovering the grapes and wines of our beloved land, Chile.