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Our History

The family tradition of wines and grapes arrives in Chile with the Ceresuela Brothers; Pedro, Antonio, Francisco and Jesús; Spaniards from the region of Aragon, with a great entrepreneur spirit settle in the central area, whose characteristics are mountains on its coast, snowy mountain ranges in the high awakening of the sun, fecund valleys of excellent lands, crossed these innumerable rivers that drag pure waters of its snows, ideal for our vineyards. This area also has friendly and hardworking people, achieving with this unique conditions in the world for the production of high quality wines.

With the passage of time, Joaquín Ceresuela Muñoz, son of Antonio, is accompanied by his family, his wife Barbara, his children Matías and Joaquín. In addition to the best professionals, who as a fundamental requirement, carry in their soul the wine passion. Continuing this tradition and passion, they are able to position Viña Ceresuela in different continents of the world, this is how they arrive in Europe, America and Asia.

Viña Ceresuela greets lovers and passionate about this type of life, inviting them to continue discovering the grapes and wines of our beloved land CHILE.

The best wine, is the one you like. Wines on the palate. Come to visit the vineyard and taste our wines



Our Collection

Currently we elaborate based on different flavors, odors, production methods, colors, climate, as well as we put special attention to the result that our customers expect, this being the determining factor of each production.

Barrio Viejo is a line that gets its name from a neighborhood located in an old town called Las Puñas located in the high region of Aragon, Spain, where the father of Don Joaquin Ceresuela, owner of the Vineyard. The wines belonging to this line are made from traditional grape varieties, from carefully selected harvests and very meticulous winemaking.

The winemaking tradition of the Ceresuela family dates back to the 19th century, when one of the members of the family served as royal secretary to Ferdinand VII, king of Spain. At that time, the best strains of the best terroirs were destined for the production of select exclusive wines for the consumption of the king and his closest ones. This line pays homage to those wines, which are produced with excellent quality vines, in special terroirs with unique climatic conditions, which give way to wines of Real quality.

Majo is an adjective that refers to a very nice person, good and very sympathetic, as well as serves to qualify objects of good quality. This adjective is ideal for wines of this line, light wines, easy to drink, fruity tones and very pleasant aromas.

Wines Varieties

Office Address

Rodriguez #905 oficina 502, Curicó. Chile.
From 9h30 to 13h30 and from 15h00 to 18h30

Vineyards Address

Camino a Sagrada Familia, Sagrada Familia, Curicó, Chile.
From 9h30 to 13h30 and from 15h00 to 18h30


Viña Ceresuela
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